13 septembre 2009 2 Par admin

20090829-IMG_041420090829-IMG_041320090829-IMG_0409A trip to Houston, in the heart of Texas, USA. « The lonely star » (Texas’ motto)… As far as I saw, the lonely star is exactly how people from Texas consider themselves. They are nice, very friendly… but… they seem to feel they are the only ones leaving on this planet. First impression was the huge aspect of … everything! Huge highways, huge burgers, huge kids too! The wonderful land of big pick ups with tiny people inside! When I asked for he local actions in term of sustainable development I felt I was a Martian. Never heard about this « sust… sustai… sustainable thing ». Wawh. Waste management? None. Over consumption? Yes. Environment? Biodiversity? You can try all the key words, it is not worth it. It is amazing to see a country like the US, being so different from a state (California) to another (Texas). This means we have a lot of work to do.

I was reading the Plan of the UN about education on sustainable development (UNESCO ESD), thanks to a a presentation I went to few days ago, at the UNESCO in Paris. At the end of this presentation they showed a new TV concept : 10 episodes about 30 people who have changed the world one way or another. It is called « Architects of change » and we saw episode 2 « Between philanthropy and capitalism, an impossible marraige? ». Very interesting… The UNESCO ESD  gathers all the schools in the world that work on educational programs on SD. Guess what? There is none in the US.