Sources of inspiration, resources and sourcing

26 juin 2013 0 Par admin


Why do I wonder where my food comes from? Why do I imagine the people who have harvested the corn I eat in the morning or the fruit I give to my son?

These questions are more and more in the mind of consumers. The scandals we see in the food industry, in China but not only (see the Spanghero case in Europe!) are a strong sign of something going wrong in our industries. All industries: we do not have any information about the products we consume, especially when we talk about the ones we eat or apply on our body. Yes, the Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration. Yes, it provides various raw materials we need, we use or be inspired from. First of all, things have to change in the way we use Nature’s potential, regarding a resource’s point of view. Biodiversity, benefit sharing and integrated farming are main topics for the present and next generation. Sourcing is the key word at the heart of these preoccupations. Which species can be interesting? How do we know that? People all around the world have traditional knowledge and uses of plants, that represent a treasure for the industry. Beyond piracy cases, the interaction and share of benefits with local populations is very important and that is the reason of Nagoya’s Protocol.

Because safety, traceability and sustainability are strategic topic that will matter, and because I aim to be part of the change, I founded a new company, specialized in sourcing and valorizing flora from the world, and plant byproducts : Seconde Nature. My partner is an expert of plant sourcing, and our skills are complementary to help our partners in finding innovative plants, organizing plant sourcing and supply chain, training and audits. Please come and visit our website… Tell us how much it matters for you to know the origin of the plants contained in the products you use: we are interested!

Thank you 🙂